Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the boards..........

hey everyone!

i just came back from a 2 weeks trip to santa cruz, portugal.
we could try all the trim movement boards and i am so happy and stoked that i can tell you that all of them actually work !!!! they somehow even work really well , haha

what happened before?

i went to france in june with good`ol El Buberino aka El Surferbubo to pick up the finally finished first batch of the trim movement surfboards from chacal in bordeaux.

maybe some of you remember that my girl anna and i drove to france to bring the shaped blanks to chacal, i wanted to avoid going myself to pick the boards up too, because its just very expensive to drive 3600 kms just to deliver some blanks and 3600kms to pick the finished boards up. but since i couldnt find a cheap solution with a shipping company, i did it myself and got to surf a couple days too.

sebastien "chacal" garnier did some amazing work and became an amazing friend. you have to look at everything he`s doing at his blog! (http://shaggyshack.blogspot.com/)

i, and i guess all the new board owners too, thank you very much for this amazing work. cheers mate!

of course we had to get the boards wet immediately, so we waxed them up and got into the less than perfect waves in the arvo. we stayed in france for a couple of days to visit some friends and left for austria again with a van full of new boards, some custom made board bags from richard henty`s UTOPIA SURF factory in mimizan (those bags are great, they cut it to fit the board its for perfectly. so how custom can custom get? no more bigger bags for smaller boards and dings because the boards slip around in the daybags, they can be found at http://utopiasurf.eu/)

back in austria, i took some pics of the new boards for the blog. i left #5 in france so i didnt had the chance to take pictures of it personally. but there are chacals pics of it some couple posts down.

i will report on the portuguese pleasures seperately soon...

know since 1000 pics say more than 1000 words,

a very happy trim chris

#6) 6`0 QUADFISH


#3) 7`3 SINGLEFIN GLIDER (v.2)


#1) 5`8 KEEL FISH